grounding techniques for empaths

As an empath, do you feel like you catch other people’s emotions the way some folks catch colds?

This is amplified when you are a self-employed lightworker, energy worker, coach, or therapist.

Grounding techniques for empaths  will help you manage this emotional and physical energy, so you can serve your clients AND build your business with more ease.




The energy empaths pick up from others can be INTENSE.



When we aren’t careful, it can become quite a BURDEN on our nervous system.  This is why we need grounding techniques for empaths.  When we are grounded it supports us in being able to protect our energy and stay in our power.  When we are not grounded our energy is permeable and we easily get swept up in other peoples energy.  

In her book, Empath Survival Guide, Dr. Judith Orloff suggests that “Whenever you feel overloaded, anxious, or fearful, take some quiet time to lower your stimulation levels.” She goes on to describe the importance of anchoring yourself and using grounding techniques.

In my own work with empath entrepreneurs, I know that taking time to get grounded each and every day is powerful. It will go a long way in keeping you in an empowered and energized state. Ultimately, grounding supports your BUSINESS SUCCESS.  It supports you in protecting your energy.



Here are my top 5 grounding techniques:

Grounding Mantras:

The mantra above is really beautiful to help strengthen your root chakra.  It also supports you to feel more grounded and connected to this time and place. Grounding for empaths through mantra is an easy practice you can incorporate into your life.

I love using these in combination with tapping.  If you choose to use a mantra as one of your empathic tools; moving through the tapping points repeating your chosen mantra will help solidify the energy.

When working with a specific mantra I often write it down on a piece of paper and tape it to the bathroom mirror so I read it each time I am in there.  



There are many poses which are specifically designed to help ground you. I’ve got a great 10 minute video Grounding for Empaths that you can follow along.

Here’s a few yoga poses you can also do if you would rather not follow a video. Take a moment to notice how your feel before and how your feel afterwards.

Hold each pose for a minimum of three long, slow, deep breaths.

  • Mountain Pose – with your feet planted firm on the earth, standing tall with intention – imagine yourself connecting to the crystalline core of the earth
  • Tree Pose – with one foot growing roots deep into the earth and your branches reaching high into the sky
  • Cross legged seated pose – rotating your core in circles (I like to do three circles in each direction as slowly as I can)
  • Child’s Pose – I tend to always do wide legged child’s pose but you do whichever version feels best for you – I like to put my forehead right onto the ground and move it slowly from side to side in order to connect to my intuition as well.

You may also be interested in checking out the yoga classes I offer.


It is possible to ground through food.  There are many foods that have grounding effects on our physical body.

A few recommendations are dark leafy greens, root vegetables, apples, and all winter squashes. Sugar is also very grounding but most of us are eating far too much of that to have it be on this list.  Some people also like to use chocolate as a grounding tool.

Anything that helps you slow down and come into this moment can be used to support you on your path to grounding.



Bare feet on grass (or sand) is particularly grounding. I love to get outside in green space and go for a walk. Since I have a dog and she is pretty high energy, I get out with her every day.

Being out in nature is a powerful way to cleanse your energy as well as protect yourself from absorbing too much negative energy.  You can release any negative energy back into the earth.


EFT Tapping (my most powerful grounding tool):

In Empath Survival Guide, Orloff also writes, “To protect their own health, however, they [empaths] must also become skilled at releasing what they pick up.”

I use tapping (emotional freedom technique) on a daily basis to accomplish this goal. It helps me to connect IN to my body AND release the negative energy that I have soaked up during the day.

By doing so, I re-balance and OPTIMIZE my energy levels so I can continue to show up for my existing clients AND attract more.

Grounding for empaths is imperative and helps you stay tethered to the here and now.

What grounding technique will YOU choose?

Ensuring you choose grounding every day gives you a much better chance at releasing the negativity, sadness, and guilt that we so often carry for others as empath entrepreneurs.

There are many different ways to get grounded.  I invite you to choose your favorite from this list of grounding techniques for empaths.


mantras and grounding tools for empath entrepreneurs

Want to connect?

Not being grounded can have a massive affect on your overall health as well as your business. It keeps you spinning up in rumination and out of the body.  If you’d like to have a chat and see if working together is a fit for you right now – book a virtual coffee and let’s get to know each other.  

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