strategies for coping with energy vampires
Strategies for coping with energy vampires

What are the various strategies that can help you cope with energy vampires?  The past two weeks I have shared information about what an energy vampire is and how to recognize when we are around one.  This week I will be sharing some strategies for those times you still need to be around the energy vampires.

Obviously the best strategy for coping with energy vampires is to remove yourself from them and to stop engaging.  This would always be my first choice, but I understand that it isn’t always possible.

So what do you do if you have to be around people that you have identified as energy vampires?

Five strategies for coping with energy vampires


(1) Shield Yourself

If you know you will be coming in contact with an energetic vampire you want to be shielding your energy before you come in contact with them.

This can be done in variety of ways.

Take a moment to get conscious with your intention and visualize a white bubble of energy around you to keep yourself safe.  Imagine this bubble above, below, behind and in front of you, as well as to the left and right.  See it wrapping all around you and keeping you safe.  Notice that is permeable – meaning good things can come in and out but nothing bad can come in.

Breathe in the idea that you are safe and protected.

This doesn’t need to be a long process (a few moments or even just a few seconds) but make it intentional.


(2) Activate your solar plexus

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the chakra system, the solar plexus is our power centre.

It is an energy centre within our body just above our belly button.  When we are strong in ourselves the action of others have less impact on our emotional state.

In order to activate the solar plexus you can take some time to meditate and connect into this energy centre and envision it spinning strongly – helping you stand firm in your power.  The colour is yellow like the sun and I often like to imagine a sun or a big golden sunflower helping me to shine my true self out into the world.

(3) Heal old wounds

We are all made up of our experiences. All of us as humans make decisions based upon the things that happened to us as children. As empaths, because we can change the energy in the room, we often feel like we have to.

If we experienced trauma growing up, very often we learned that it is our job to fix all the problems that arise.

What happens is those traumas get stored in our body.

As we encounter situations which our subconscious perceives as similar we get triggered and respond as if we are in that original place. So for example, if a teacher called on you in school when you didn’t know the answer, this can create shame which is them stored away in your body.

So each time you don’t have the answer to something this shame response can be triggered.

When we take the time to heal our wounds it makes it easier to stand in our power and not let those energy vampires in.

We stop the automatic response and begin to respond from our logical brain rather than the young child who was shamed.


(4) Say No

If we learned to people please as children it can be very hard to create any sort of boundaries as an adult. We are often told that saying no makes us selfish or not nice.

I believe the opposite of this is actually true. Saying no is powerful. It reaffirms and strengthens your inner compass. Because of our sensitives as empaths we are often overwhelmed by things such a crowds, rushing, and parenting.

This means we need extra down-time to recharge. If we don’t learn to use our no, it can often times end up with disease in our bodies as well as in our minds.

Although 70% of all empaths are introverts, even those of us like myself who range more on the extroverted scale require much down time to recharge.

Learning to say no is the path to being an empowered empath.


(5) Energetic Maintenance

Donna Eden the pioneer of energy medicine has a five minute daily routine that she recommends for energetic maintenance. I filmed a version of these
moves here for you to follow along.

It is recommended that you do these moves daily to help strengthen your energetic body.  This will also help benefit your physical body.


Wrapping Up

I hope that these five strategies for coping with energy vampires come in handy for you. As you begin to use them they will become second nature and you will find yourself less and less swept away by the vampires in your life.


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